A small bathroom or any small space shouldn’t be a deal breaker when it comes to cozy homes because as you know there are numerous ingenious and cool ways to deal with the lack of space

In the case of a small bathroom specifically it’s usually the lack of storage space that stands out. While you definitely have to be a bit clever to solve the problem, there are tons of great products that can help with that. We’ve selected the best 25 storage and organization systems that we think are perfect for this task.

1. Slim Storage Cart 3 Tier

This slim storage cart gives you three tiers for organizing and storing things like extra toilet paper rolls, laundry supplies, cleaning products and other bathroom-related items. It has casters and it rolls out easily when you need it but most important of all it’s slender and can fit in tight nooks and spaces such as in between the washer and dryer, next to the toilet or even behind the door in some cases. It measures 21″ L x 5″ W x 28 1/4″ H and has a simple and modern design. 

Portable unit

Slim Storage Cart 3 Tier
Durable 3 tier rolling storage cart will turn a tight space into organized storage.

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2. Metal Bathroom Shelf Space Saver for Toilet

There’s one specific area in the bathroom that often gets overlooked and it has so much storage potential. We’re talking about the space above the toilet. It’s not the most convenient storage area but using it can definitely make a huge difference in the case of a small bathroom. This shelving system can potentially help with that. It measures 24”L x 11”W x 68”H. it’s durable and strong and has 4 shelves that you can fill with items.

Amazon's Choice

Metal Bathroom Shelf Space Saver for Toilet
It's also specially designed to fit over the toilet tank.

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3. Cabinet Organizer Over Toilet

Here’s another over-the-toilet storage system that’s also designed to let you maximize this often unused section of the bathroom. This one is made of wood which gives it a clean and elegant look but also makes versatile enough to fit in most bathroom decors. It includes 4 open cubbies at the top and two storage modules with doors for any items that you prefer to keep out of sight.

space saving

Cabinet Organizer Over Toilet
The dimensions of this product are 23.6"(L) x 7.79"(D) x 64.96"(H) and you can get it in white. 

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4. Mirror with Storage Space

Another overlooked and underutilized space in any bathroom is the one behind the door. It makes sense to ignore this little nook since it’s so slim and difficult to work with but when storage space is lacking every inch matters. This super slim and tall cabinet is specifically designed to fit in there. You can use it to store and organize toiletries, makeup products, medicine and other such things. It’s great for keeping the area clutter-free and also maximizing the storage capacity of a tiny bathroom.

double dutty

Mirror with Storage Space
Holds as much as five standard medicine cabinets.

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5. Single Door Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet

Then there’s also the typical medicine cabinet which we’re all familiar with. It’s a really great way to add extra storage to this room without using any floor or counter space. In addition to that, this cabinet has a really great design. It includes a mirror and a series of small open shelves on each side where you can keep your most-used items or a little something that you want to put on display such as a tiny vase, a planter or a scented candle. The cabinet is made of strong and durable MDF boards and this version features four interior storage shelves positioned behind the mirror door.


Single Door Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet
It will maximize the available space in your room and give you a clean and tidy bathroom.

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6. 2-Tier Corner Storage Shelf

Small and compact storage solutions are just as important as the bigger-scale ones, especially in the case of small bathrooms. One example is this stand which fits perfectly in corners but can also be a freestanding piece. You can keep in on the bathroom counter or next to the tub or shower so you can easily and neatly organize a few of your most-used items. It has a sturdy stainless steel frame and removable plastic trays. It only measures 10.6” x 6.7” x 11” which makes it perfect for any bathroom no matter how small. 

space saving

2-Tier Corner Storage Shelf
This compact shelving unit conveniently fits into any corners to maximize space where ever it is used

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7. Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

This slender cabinet certainly looks very compact and doesn’t take up much space in the bathroom but it has a lot of features. There’s a large slide out drawer that you can open and inside there are several smaller compartments which make it easy to organize the items that you store in here. The bottom drawer reveal a tall section which is meant to hold stacked toilet paper rolls. There’s also a section for storing medicine and other things inside a hidden nook at the top. the dimensions of this all-in-one cabinet are 22.83″(H) x 19.69″(L) x 6.45″(W). 

slim design

Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder
This bathroom cabinet has a large slide out drawer with multiple compartments

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8. Corner Floor Cabinet with Doors and Shelves

Here’s another really great little cabinet that would fit perfectly next to the toilet. It’s tall and slim like a tower and it’s designed to replace your standard toilet paper holder. In that sense it has a built-in holder at the top, with integrated storage for more rolls underneath. It’s a cool and nice-looking system which can free up a bit of space inside your other bathroom cabinets. We also like that small shelf at the top where you can place a little planter, a scented candle or something similar.

paper holder

Corner Floor Cabinet with Doors and Shelves
The dimensions of this organizer are 6''w x 6.7d' 'x 31.5''h. 

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9. Wall Mirror Vanity Mirror with Shelf

Every bathroom needs a mirror and with that in mind it would be smart and useful to take advantage of this fact. There are bathroom mirrors such as this one which which incorporate some sort of storage in their design. This mirror has a sturdy MDF frame and features a storage shelf at the bottom as well as three hooks. The shelf is useful for storing and organizing makeup products, toothbrushes and stuff and the hooks are useful for towels.

extra space

Wall Mirror Vanity Mirror with Shelf
At 20.5'' x  5.3'' x 26.8'' this mirror is very versatile. 

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10. Under Sink or Counter Drawer Organizer

You can rely on multipurpose organizers to be of some help when you’re accessorizing your bathroom. Something like this could fit in the cabinet underneath the sink or can be help on the counter in plain sight. You can use it to organize your bathroom essentials. The dimensions of this piece are W10” x D16” x H13.5”. It’s made of metal with a bronze finish and that gives a really cool and industrial look. 

sliding drawer

Under Sink or Counter Drawer Organizer
The dimensions are W10'' x D16'' x H13.5'', with the bottom drawer being bigger than the other two. 

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11. Shower Tension Pole Caddy

A lack of a proper storage system for the tub or shower area is more than just a bit annoying. Even if you’re tight on space you can still solve this issue with something like this. This fit in the corner and is very easy to install, no tools required. It uses a tension mechanism and is height-adjustable which means it can adapt to fit a variety of spaces. The tiered storage baskets allow you to organize the items and also keep them close at hand and easy to grab plus they don’t retain water and are rust-resistant.

Satin Nickel

Shower Tension Pole Caddy
Fits in corner of tub or shower, with no tools needed for installation

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12. Dry Mesh Pockets Waterproof Shower Curtain

If you can’t fit a corner storage system for your tub or shower or if you simply prefer something different, one other cool option is this shower curtain. What’s really fun and interesting about it is that it has pockets that you can store thing into such as shampoo bottles, sponges and other items. It has a simple design and it’s actually clear which means it will pair nicely with any color palette.


Dry Mesh Pockets Waterproof Shower Curtain
Will fit standard size showers and tubs and Measures, 70 inches x 72 inches

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13. Bronze Wall Mounted Rack

There are also plenty of storage and organization solutions for small bathrooms that focus on looks just as much as they do on functionality. This elegant storage rack could be a nice example. It’s a multifunctional organizer which can fit in a variety of different spaces, the bathroom included. It measures 11”L X 3.5”D X 17.5”H and can be installed on a wall using the included screws and wall anchors. The sturdy steel wire construction and bronze finish give it a really classy look and a vintage vibe. 


Bronze Wall Mounted Rack
Multi-purpose elegant rack for spice bottles, jelly jar or nail polish bottles

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14. Umbra Flex Shower Caddy

Another solution for adding storage to a small bathroom and specifically the shower module comes in the form of this organizer. It’s designed to be attached to the shower head or to the shower curtain rod meaning there’s no need to drill holes into the walls or make any permanent changes to the layout and design. The organizer measures 16 ¼” x 24” x 4” and has two tiers or shelves. 

modern design

Umbra Flex Shower Caddy
There's also an integrated drainage system to prevent water from getting trapped and to make cleaning easy. 

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15. Bath toy storage

Sometimes the simplest solutions are also the best ones and sometimes all your small bathroom needs in order to become more storage-efficient and friendly is a pocket that you can attach to the wall with adhesive hooks. It’s great for storing all the bath toys that kind like to bring with them or some of the things you’re using when giving your pets a bath. The water drains from inside and the contents get air dried through the mesh net. It’s simple and it’s convenient.

Mesh Bag

Bath Toy Storage
This little gem will keep all your baby bath toys in one place, dry and ORGANIZED!

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16. Metal Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

There aren’t a lot of ways to make toilet paper storage look good but we feel like this is a pretty nice solution. This is a freestanding toilet paper holder which you can place anywhere you want. It has a cylindrical shape and measures 7” in diameter and 14.5” in height. It holds three rolls of paper and lets you keep them in plain sight for easy access which is intuitive and great for guest bathrooms. It’s made of strong steel wire and has a rust-resistant finish and a simple and attractive design.


Metal Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder
Also, it's very compact and great for small bathrooms.

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17. Smart over the door hanging

Over-the-door organizers are also really great for small bathrooms because they basically add storage space where there’s none without the need for extra furniture or reconfigurations. This mesh pocket organizer can hold a variety of different items and is super easy to install using the included hangers. Its dimensions are 0.1 x 21 x 73 inches (L x W x H) and as you can tell you can also potentially add it to other spaces as well, including to your closet. 

Mesh Fabric

Smart over the door hanging
Over-the-door design great for storing bathroom, bedroom, & home items.

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18. Clear Plastic Vanity Containers

For small items a different kind of organizer is required. This right here is a set of clear plastic trays of different shapes and sizes. You can use them to neatly organize your makeup items, toothbrushes, hair ties and various things that usually get lost among all the clutter in a drawer. The clear design makes them super versatile since they work with basically any color scheme. You can keep them on the counter or you can actually fit them inside a drawer in order to organize the contents.


Clear Plastic Vanity Containers
The combination of sizes is JUST RIGHT for beauty products and office supplies

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19. Polder Style Station

There’s also a bathroom organizer that you can use for things like hair dryers, curling irons and other things with cords and cables but also for hair brushes. You have three compartments at the front as well as another one at the back. This organizer is made from a combination of stainless steel and plastic and is a really cool little station that you can either keep on the counter or hang somewhere.

Classic stainless stee

Polder Style Station
You can attach it to a towel bar or also keep it inside a cabinet.

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20. Laundry Nook Door-Hanging Laundry Hamper

Because laundry hampers usually take up quite a bit of space, there’s not enough room for them inside a small bathroom. Where you have nowhere else to keep them in that becomes a problem and one of the solutions comes in the form of this hamper which you can hang on the back of your bathroom door. It takes up zero floor space and it’s very practical. There’s a zipper on the back so you can easily drop all the laundry into the washing machine.

Back side zipper

Laundry Nook Door-Hanging Laundry Hamper
You can get this hamper in three colors: green, gray and coffee.

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21. Quality Plastic Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are cute and stylish and they’re often used as storage containers in bathrooms. You can fill these with all sorts of things such as cotton balls, q-tips and such. Everything will be kept organized and easily accessible plus it will actually look quite nice. Of course, you can also turn these jars into decorations if you fill them with colorful items, flowers and other such things. This is a set of three acrylic apothecary jars in three different sizes.


Quality Plastic Apothecary Jars
Multi-size jars are FUNCTIONAL in every space

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22. Plate Toilet Paper Stocker

This is a little toilet paper station that you can keep next to the toilet, tilled with extra rolls and also a little area at the top where you can place a tiny planter, a scented candle or something else that can brighten up the room. The interior is sloped which means that the next roll is aways dispensed automatically as each one is dispensed at the bottom, as long as you stock the holder. The dispenser is made of metal and measures 4.9” x 13” x 18.9”. 

minimalist design

Plate Toilet Paper Stocker
It has a simple and modern design which can fit in almost any bathroom. 

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23. Sauder Peppercorn Linen Tower

There’s also one more type of bathroom storage system that we think could fit in small spaces and it comes in the form of a tower storage cabinet. It’s a type of tall and slender cabinet which takes up little floor space and offers plenty of storage for its size. It’s great for things like extra towels, cleaning products and various other things and it can be the room’s only storage unit. This one has two sections separated by a faux granite slab. The area at the top holds open shelves and the one at the bottom has doors.


Sauder Peppercorn Linen Tower
These are the overall dimensions of the entire cabinet: L: 14.72" x W: 15.51" x H: 60.59". 

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24. Bathroom Collection Floor Shelf

Sometimes the best place to store something is out in the open where you can most easily reach it and where it’s also visible to everyone. That’s what this compact shelving unit focuses on with its slender and elegant design. It’s a three-tier system with a classic style so you can easily organize your bathroom essentials and put them on display at the same time.

cool design

Bathroom Collection Floor Shelf
The dimensions of this unit are 14.5'' x 11'' x 36'' and you can get this in several finishes such as white, gold, nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. 

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25. Wall Mounted Storage Shelves

Floating shelves are perhaps the most versatile of all these compact bathroom storage solutions we’ve mentioned so far. This is a set of two shelves, each of which can be installed at any desired height. The set also includes a towel holder which you can install on the underside of a shelf or on a wall, separate from everything else. The shelves are made of pine wood and metal. They have protective guards and a simple and modern design.


Wall Mounted Storage Shelves
Floating shelves are made of high-quality radiata pine wood with dampproof, heat-resistant.

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