How to Organize Your Bathroom Drawers

Organizing your bathroom drawers can save you a lot of time during your morning routine and will make finding things in your bathroom a lot easier. Before you start arranging your bathroom products, you should clean out your drawers and separate your items into different categories. After you’ve organized them, you can use drawer dividers to keep them separated. If you organize your drawers using these methods and still don’t have space, there are also alternative storage solutions you can use to organize all of your bathroom products.
[Edit]Steps [Edit]Cleaning and Categorizing Drawers Dump everything out of your drawers. Lay down a towel on a countertop or flat surface and dump the contents of your drawers onto the towel. Taking all of your products out of the drawers will make it easier to organize and categorize your products.[1] The towel will prevent glass items from breaking. Throw away expired items that you don’t need. Look at the expiration label on the products in your bathroom to determine which products are expired. Makeup and medicine are 2 things in your bathroom that will often expire over time.[2] Throw away anything that you don’t plan on using in the future. Go through the remainder of your items and get rid of things that you may have once used but that you don't use anymore. This could include things like a specific perfume or hair gel. If you haven’t used something in over a year, there’s a good chance you should throw it away.[3] Try to throw away as many unused products as you can to make room for new things. Separate your products into different categories. Group your items by the type of product or the time of day that you usually use the items. For instance, you can group shaving products, beauty care, and first aid items in separate categories. You can also separate items by how often you use them. If there are things you use on a daily basis, you can group them together. If there are things you just use occasionally, they can go in a separate category. You may also want to separate items into smaller sub-categories. For instance, when organizing beauty care products, create a category for your nail care items and a separate section for makeup.[4] [Edit]Arranging Your Drawers with Drawer Dividers Purchase drawer dividers online or at a department store. Drawer dividers will help you separate your products into different compartments and will make it easier to quickly locate the things that you need. Measure the dimensions inside of your drawers with a ruler or measuring tape, then find dividers that will fit inside of them.[5] Dividers will usually have size information on their packaging or in the product details. Insert the dividers into your drawers. Read the instructions that came with the dividers so you know how to properly install them. Unfold the dividers and place them into the bottom of the drawers. If your organizers shift around in your drawers, apply Command strips to the bottom of them to hold them in place.[6] Count the spaces in your drawer dividers so that you know how many different product categories you can separate. Place the most-used products in the top drawers. Figure out the stuff that you use on a daily basis and group them together. Place all the products that you use on a daily basis on the top drawer so that you can access them easily. The lesser-utilized products that you only use occasionally can go in the lower drawers. Items like face wash, toothpaste, makeup, and shaving equipment are often used on a daily basis. Things like first aid equipment can be put in lower drawers. Put the largest items in the largest compartment first. Large items could include things like combs, electric shavers, or facewash. Organizing them in your drawers first will leave enough room for smaller products. Continue to organize them by type, but group the larger things together and keep them in the same compartment. Put the rest of the products in their own compartment. Place the different products categories into their own compartment as neatly as possible. Avoid just throwing items into the compartments or it will look messy.[7] Avoid stacking items on top of daily-used products so that you can access them easier. [Edit]Using Alternative Storage Solutions Store your products in the medicine cabinet as an alternative to drawers. A medicine cabinet can also make great backup storage if you run out of space in your drawers. Arrange the products in your medicine cabinet as neatly possible. Group different types of products together as you would for your drawers.[8] Medicine cabinets are great for smaller items like medicine and face creams. Medicine  cabinets are also great if you want to keep certain items away from small children. If you don’t have a medicine cabinet in your home, you can install one yourself. Use the area under the sink to store larger items like cleaning supplies. The area under the sink is the perfect place to store cleaning products because there is often more room there. You can also put whatever bathroom items that don’t fit in your drawers or medicine cabinet under the sink.[9] Larger items like a plunger or toilet scrubbing wands can also go under the sink. Place items in baskets if you have no drawer space. Purchase plastic or wood baskets from a department store or online. Put the baskets on top or under your sink and carefully put different categories of products in them. If your baskets are on your sink, put your daily-use items in them for easy accessibility.[10] You can also label each basket so that you can find your products faster. Store your items in a rolling cart if you don't have storage room. If you’ve used other storage solutions and still don’t have space, you can buy a rolling cart from a department store or online. Organize the cart like you would your drawers so that you can easily access different categories of product.[11] [Edit]References ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑
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