How To Think Like An Organizer

You decided you are ready to get your home organized. In your mind, you have a plan of all the areas of your home you want to remove clutter and organize the space. But when you start the project, you get overwhelmed and stop. You start to question if you are even capable of organizing. You start to think that maybe it just isn’t in the cards for you. All the disappointment comes crashing into your head. And you start to believe you will never have an organized home while your kids are still living there. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

You can have an organized home. But you have to start thinking like an organizer.

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How Do Organizers Think Differently?

Ever notice that when you go workout with a trainer, they have a plan of action for your workout routines? Well, organizers have that same plan of action. But for tackling projects. Not working out. I mean, we could have a workout plan since organizing is basically cardio. But I digress.

Organizers start with a plan. They know that organizing involves small and systematic progress to get to the end goal. 

We don’t dive in and throw away all the items. Instead, we get in the right head space to support our clients.

What Can I Do To Start Thinking Like An Organizer?

In order to start thinking like an organizer, we have to get in the right head space and decide what the actual organizing project is going to look like. Then, and only then can we create a plan to get us there.


Start With Head Space

First thing you can do is to get in the right head space. And that means understanding that organizing is not a sprint, but a marathon. Slow and steady will get you to where you want to go.

But to figure out where you want to go, you have to start with the end in mind.

So start by defining what “done” looks like to you. When you say you are “done organizing”, what does that even mean?

Because if you don’t know what “done” looks like, you will never be done. 

Get really clear on what “done” looks like.

When I am working with clients, I have them create a board on Pinterest with 5-10 images of their desired organized space. You can do the same. But stick to 5-10 pictures. Otherwise you will spend more time searching than actually organizing.

Clear Limiting Beliefs

After you have 5-10 pictures of what you want the space to look like, we have to clear any current beliefs you have regarding organizing and you home.

Now what do I mean by beliefs about your home?

You have some ideas about your home and how you feel about certain areas. Everyone does. It is totally normal. But we have to address those beliefs in order to move past them and get your home organized. 

Here’s an example. In our primary bathroom, we have very little storage. This is a belief I tell myself about our bathroom. We do have ample storage spaces because we have drawers on the wall, under-sink storage, and a medicine cabinet. But this belief I tell myself about our bathroom has kept the space messy and disorganized.


Because I am focusing on what we lack instead of what we have. 

So changing my belief about an area helps create order because I am able to change how I view that space.

Instead of saying “my primary bathroom has little storage”. I can say “my primary bathroom has unique storage options”. 

Our brains respond to how we view things. So if you view a space in a negative way, that is all you will see. But if you view a space in a positive way, that is what you focus on. So change your beliefs about your home before you even start organizing. 

This is something I do with any consultation I have with an in-home or virtual client. They show me their space and tell me they have no room for this or no storage for that. And I always say, you have plenty of storage. We just need to use the space in a different way. 

Make An Action Plan

After you decide what “done” looks like and clear limiting beliefs on your spaces, you can create an action plan for tackling your organizing projects. But only after you complete the two tasks we previously discussed. 

You need to know what “done” means so you can stop and be satisfied with your work. And you have to believe that an area can be organized because you thought about that space differently. Then, and only then, can you create a plan of action to get that space organized. 

And when I say plan, I am talking about how you are going to organize one specific spot in your house. You need to break down each task so it is tangible for you. 

When I work with virtual clients, the plan we create starts with what “done” looks like. Then we break up the tasks to get the space to be considered “done”. Each task helps the client to get to their idea of organized for that space. But the tasks are small so they can truly do each step. No matter how difficult it may be. 

So break down your organizing projects into small tasks. Write them down. And then take action.

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How To Think Like An Organizer

It can be tricky to start a big organizing project, but I can tell you that if you change how you think about the project, you are sure to keep things organized. Because you have an idea of what “done” looks like for your organizing project. And you have changed your outlook on what your space can do for you. Then you can create a plan of action to get the projects completed. 


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