If you’re investing in a resale property or are simply moving into a brand new home, you’ll have to get through an adjustment period of sorts

Here are 5 tips and tricks that can help improve your sense of ownership and make your new house feel like a home:

1. A brand new accent wall
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Nothing quite beats the impact of an amazing accent wall, so that’s what you should be going for first when you want your homes to look personalized. These days, you can find really great painted pattern-work that you can emulate in your accent walls to make an instant statement.

2. A favorite statement piece
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A statement accessory can completely change the way a space is perceived – especially when you put it in a place that draws the eye. If you want recommendations, you can go for a full-sized mirror with a rococo or traditional filigree. Other than that, a large sideboard or settee can do the trick as well. Remember: the trick is placement!

3. Fresh curtains
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A great way to freshen up the way that you feel in your new homes is to go for new window treatments, which can effectively change the way your windows look. Sheer curtains can emulate a whimsical effect, while roman blinds can bring in a contemporary vibe. You can customize the fabrics of the curtain to your personal preference as well.

4. Revamped fixtures
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Brand new fixtures – especially in all the bathrooms – will help improve your sense of ownership. Old fixtures in new resale homes – especially where someone lived before – can be a little discouraging to the new users. So, even just replacing the sink or the shower faucets can make an instant impact on how you end up perceiving the space as your own.

5. An old furniture piece
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One way to make your new house feel instantly homier is to furnish it with an old piece of furniture. It can be a couch that you’ve gotten attached to or a table with sentimental value. This can be an excellent way to emulate a cozy aura in an artfully done new home while bringing an integral part of your past right along with you. However, if you want all-new furniture, then you can simply go for old accessories and décor pieces.


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