Organizing your kitchen space doesn’t have to be a difficult and tedious task

All it takes is a hefty dose of inspiration and simple solutions that will turn any kitchen into a functional place that encourages you to prepare meals and spend time with your family.

#1 Rotating Shelves

pinterest#2 Pull-Out Cutting Board With a Hole Through Which Waste Can Be Thrown Into the Trash

pinterest#3 Small Tilting Shelves Located at the Sink. Ideal for Storing Sponges or Brushes.

pinterest#4 Perforated Board, to Which You Can Attach the Necessary Pots and Kitchen Gadgets.

pinterest#5 Cabinet With Drawer for Bowls and Food for the Dog

pinterest#6 Pull-Out Tabletop That Can Also Serve as a Table

pinterest#7 Drawer With Built-in Power Strip

pinterest#8 Countertop With Cut-Out Opening, Under Which There Is a Waste Basket

pinterest#9 Cleverly Positioned Holes for Chopping Boards

pinterest#10 Cabinet With Lift-up Door

pinterest#11 The Lids Can Be Stored Attached to the Door

pinterest#12 Pots of Herbs Attached With Magnets to the Refrigerator

pinterest#13 Trash Cans Placed in a Large Drawer

pinterest#14 Can Storage Organizer

pinterest#15 Rail With Hangers Where You Can Attach Saucepans and Pans

pinterest#16 Fruit Basket

pinterest#17 Storage Organiser for Cleaning Products

A clever stand to install over the sink



Which patent do you think is most useful?

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