So happy to share this glowing Yelp review about a client’s recent experience

She had closets that had been bothering her for years and finally decided to bring in the Chaos To Order professionals. It makes such a difference when you can cross it off your list and have the peace knowing the chaos is in order.

Here is what Shanti said:

“I had my closets installed seven years ago (seems so long now). While I am overall happy with the design, I felt the organization aspect needed more attention. I had purged my master bedroom closet a couple of years ago, but for some reason I had a block when it came to organizing my hall closet. My heart would sink every time I would open it and see the rabble of tote bags and boot boxes. I knew it was time to bring in an impartial third party to help me put things to rights and envision a way to keep on top of things.

I decided to contact Chaos to Order, as they have a partnership with Closet Works, who completed my closet installation and offers a great first-time deal.  The booking process was easy and the timings worked for me. Jenny, the organizer, showed up right on time. I was blown away that she and I were able to complete the dreaded hall closet in just over an hour, leaving time to organize a couple of other areas–a couple of kitchen cabinets and a storage console in the family room. Jenny’s manner was approachable, personable, and non-judgmental. She also suggested organization tools that I could purchase on my own from the Container Store. I will also add that the billing was transparent and the follow-up after my appointment was effective. Not only do I now have more physical space, I  have more space in my brain since it is not preoccupied thinking about my closet woes. I highly recommend Chaos to Order to anyone looking to decrease their stress around “stuff” and bring more order and peace to their living space.”

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