These small bathroom makeover ideas on a budget will give your bathroom a whole new look without punching a huge hole on your pocket.

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Bathroom Makeover Ideas for Your Dream Bathroom!

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Rag Rug
Medicine Cabinet Makeover
Pallet Wood Bathroom Shaving Shelf
Statement Shower Curtain
DIY Patterned Bathroom Tiles
Spray Painted Door Knob
Bathtub Shelf
Towel Storage
Tile And Grout A Bathroom
Concrete Countertop With Sink
Mirrored Vanity Tray
Grommet Topped Shower Curtain
Stain Oak Cabinets
Herringbone Frosted Glass Cabinet Door
Bathtub Makeover
Spray Paint Bathroom Cabinets
Towel Rack and Shelf
Pebble Shower Floor
Mason Jar Organizer
Tiled Mirror Frame

1. Horizon Mirror


This horizon mirror looks like it’s floating. But really, the secret is, it’s simply hanging from a few hidden dowels. Don’t forget to finish off the wooden pieces with a coat of polyurethane finish before assembling the parts together.

Tip: The bigger the cutout, the lower your mirror will sit.

2. Rag Rug

The main keys to making this rag rug are a towel and pieces of your choice of fabric.

Tip: You can also cut up old clothes to turn this into an upcycling project.

3. Medicine Cabinet Makeover


This medicine cabinet makeover makes use of a peel-and-stick-wallpaper as a background — something completely ingenious, in my opinion.

Don’t forget to give your cabinet a wipe-down first. You’ll want all the dirt off before placing the wallpaper on.

4. Pallet Wood Bathroom Shaving Shelf

Dave loves his bathroom shaving shelf. To be honest, sometimes I think he spends an extra five minutes in the bathroom just admiring it. This shelf will not only provide more space, but it also gives your bathroom design a rustic appeal.

Dave’s tip: You’ll be needing six wooden pieces of the same size. These will make the main frame of the shelf.

5. Statement Shower Curtain


Start off your morning with a motivating quote from Beyoncé herself. Don’t forget to place pins in to hold your stencil in place while you paint the shower curtain. This the perfect addition to your shower makeovers and bathroom makeover ideas, in general.

Tip: Remember to pick a bold typeface when choosing the font for your statement shower curtain.

6. DIY Patterned Bathroom Tiles


Give your bathroom tiles a DIY spin by drawing on a design with a Sharpie pen!

Tip: Don’t worry if you make a mistake. Rubbing alcohol will help right your mistake.

7. Spray Painted Door Knob


Give your doorknob a chic look by spraying it with metallic paint. Remember to remove the doorknob first before spraying it. After all, you wouldn’t want the extra paint getting on the door surface.

8. Bathtub Shelf


This DIY bathtub shelf has turned bath time into a more luxurious activity and can be a great addition to your bathroom makeover ideas. Begin by measuring the size of your tub to get the appropriate measurements for your wood.

Before I forget, remember to cut an extra two pieces of wood to place at the bottom for support.

9. Towel Storage


Would you believe this towel storage hack makes use of recycled tin cans? The secret to making them look chic is simply painting them. This tutorial paints them white and features a flower pattern stuck on the can.

10. Tile And Grout A Bathroom


When cutting tile for a bathroom, you can choose either a handheld tile cutter or a wet saw. I recommend using the former if you’re working with smaller-sized ceramic tiles.

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11. Concrete Countertop With Sink


This concrete countertop gives a more industrial feel to a bathroom — perfect for a bachelor’s pad. By the way, its gray color would look great over a dark-stained dresser.

Dave’s tip: Use two coats of concrete sealer for this DIY.

12. Mirrored Vanity Tray


This DIY mirrored vanity tray will make any vanity area look more upscale in an instant. The best part is, you can upcycle an old picture frame for this project.

13. Grommet Topped Shower Curtain


Grab a grommet kit when making your grommet topped shower curtain. This kit will come in handy as it includes a setter, anvil, grommets, and washers.

TIP: You can add roman shades for your bathroom windows too.

14. Stain Oak Cabinets


Prep your cabinets by sanding them before applying the stain. Don’t sand too much though. Remember, you only want to rid the cabinets of varnish.

15. Herringbone Frosted Glass Cabinet Door


This herringbone frosted glass cabinet gives a unique flair to any bathroom. Did you know the secret to getting the pattern right is by simply laying strips of masking tape on the glass?

16. Bathtub Makeover


Give your bathtub a makeover by applying airstones along its sides. Personally, I’m a huge fan of airstones.

Not only is it lightweight and environmental-friendly, but it’s pretty affordable too! Don’t forget to add a non-slip mat for the shower.

Tip: If you need to cut the airstone, a simple hacksaw will do the job.

17. Spray Paint Bathroom Cabinets

Your bathroom cabinets will have a new look once they’re spray painted. By the way, save yourself the trouble and apply a primer on your cabinets before spraying on the paint.

18. Towel Rack and Shelf


This towel rack and shelf would be a great addition to a minimalist bathroom and one of the best small bathroom ideas.

If you’re worried about accidentally running into the edges of the shelf, a simple solution would be to angle and sand the cornered edges.

Tip: Want to change the color of your braces? No worries! Simply spray some paint on them.

19. Pebble Shower Floor


Avoid nasty slips by adding texture to your floor, just like this pebble shower DIY. It’s a fantastic bathroom remodel idea you probably need right now.

If you’re wondering where to buy the pebble stones, take a trip to the nearest dollar store. They should have bags of them sitting on the shelves.

Dave’s tip: Let the grout cure for at least two days before applying the sealant.

20. Mason Jar Organizer

These mason jar organizers will hold anything from cotton swabs to makeup brushes. Just don’t forget to tighten the clamps to prevent the mason jars from falling.

21. Tiled Mirror Frame


Upgrade your boring and drab mirror with a tiled frame. Start by sanding the edges of the mirror.

Remember to only sand the parts where you’d be laying the tiles. Doing so will add a bit of texture and resistance to prevent the glue from sliding off.

Dave’s tip: Stay away from sanded grout if you’re using glass tile — unsanded grout will work best.

Check out this small bathroom makeover ideas from Living to DIY with Rachel Metz:

A minimal budget, your passion for DIY, and these ideas for a DIY bathroom makeover on a budget — your dream bathroom is now a reality. With these bathroom makeover ideas, that dream bathroom is closer to home, indeed!

Which DIY bathroom makeover ideas are you keen on doing? Tell us in the comments section below!

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