We are all living in a busy, fast-paced world where we try to do more in less time

Technology can help – with everything but the laundry! Staying organized can be difficult if you’re always on the go, and it’s easy to let clutter build up. Structure and routine are essential for helping to stay organized, so whether or not you employ a cleaning service to help do the heavy lifting, this daily-weekly-monthly cleaning routine helps organize your home.
This daily cleaning routine helps organize your home and life
Every morning:
Make the bed Empty dishwasher Fold a load of laundry Wipe down the bathroom sink
Every Evening:
Load the dishwasher Wipe down the kitchen counters Sweep the kitchen floor Put on a load of laundry Walk through the house and do a quick pick up of clutter Throw out the newspaper and junk mail Put away shoes and jackets dropped at the door Put away toys the kids left out Use this weekly cleaning routine to help organize your home
This doesn’t have to be a Saturday morning chore where you cram in 3 hours of work to do everything on the list. You can designate different days for different chores. For example, you can dust every Monday but mop every Thursday. Each week, however, these chores do help keep your home more organized:
Dust Mop/Vacuum Deep clean the bathrooms Pick one small area to declutter or organize that has been neglected Do these things monthly for better home organization  Wash the baseboards, walls, and doors Wipe out the fridge and freezer (throw away expired foods) Wash linens and rugs
A daily-weekly-monthly cleaning routine helps organize your home and everyone who lives there should take part and help. Kids can easily have their own nighttime routine of cleaning their rooms and helping to pick up the house before getting ready for bed.

No one has the perfect house. You might always do the dishes right after dinner but only manage to dust twice a year. Or you might have a secret closet where you stash clutter before company comes. But a cleaning routines helps organize your home without the stress and pressure of it becoming a monstrous task.

And if it is a monstrous task already, give us a call to help you get it under control!

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