Amazon has it all — from cult-favorite mascaras to the latest smart gadget

And while it’s fun to just scour the pages in search for the latest fun find, sometimes you just want to get down to the good stuff. From tools that keep us organized to beauty must-haves, read on for the PRiME team’s favorite Amazon products of the moment.

1. TICARVE Cleaning Gel, $8.69

Is anyone else using quarantine as an excuse to deep clean? This eco-friendly gel is one of our very favorite Amazon products for eliminating dust and debris. Use it to clean the nooks and crannies of your car, computer keyboard, TV remote and more!

2. Purse Organizer Insert, $26.88

As much as we love our oversized totes, it can turn into a black hole pretty quickly. These felt inserts contain 13 different pockets to help keep everything in its place. It’s also available in 12 different shades!

3. Cursive Handwriting Books, $6.75

Considering that everyone is likely to have to continue homeschooling, these handbooks are a perfect addition to the curriculum. They’re also a smart tool for kids and grandkids to keep busy!  

4. Magnetic Eyelashes, $15.99

Don’t let the magnets intimidate you—these are so much easier to apply than adhesives. Just put one or two coats of mascara on your natural lashes before applying. With a little practice, the application will be a breeze! (And if you still need a little help, check out this video.)

5. Honest Luxury Quilted Dog Car Seat Cover, $35.99

If your lint roller is no longer doing the trick, try this quilted dog car seat cover! It works to protect your car seat from scratches, hair, smells and dirt. You can even adjust the seat to fit a human in the backseat, too!

6. NoCry Long Leather Rose Pruning Gloves, $17.49

If gardening has become one of your quarantine projects, these gloves will help protect your hands and arms from scratches and punctures. Whether you’re tending to your roses or planting some cactus, these leather gloves will make sure your hands stay soft and scratch-free.

7. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush, $49.99

This one-step hair dryer and volumizer is one of our favorite products from Amazon. With just one simple step, this tool blow-dries and styles your hair, making your morning routine easier and much shorter. Revlon basically invented a way for your hair look like you just stepped out of the salon in a matter of minutes!

8. TIJN Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses, $16.99+

These stylish specs are designed to prevent the light projected off of the screens from damaging your eyes and causing headaches.

9. Reusable Sandwich Bags, $17.99

The leak-proof bags are freezer friendly, easy to clean and come in a multitude of sizes, making them a must-have for your kitchen. One reusable bag can save up to 350 + disposable bags, making them an easy, eco-friendly pick.

10. Under-The-Sink Organizer, $22.99

If your bathroom is filled with clutter from miscellaneous products, look no further! This under-the-sink organizer is a genius way to make sure all your bathroom products are organized and easily accessible.

11. Ring Size Adjuster, $3.99

This ring size adjuster is a fool-proof solution for slippery rings, fingers with knuckle issues, or individuals who are in need of more grip for their jewelry. Plus, the adjusters are comfortable enough to wear without notice and will not fall off the ring when you put them away.

12. Resistance Bands, $12.92

Resistance bands are a wonderful inexpensive at-home workout tool! This set includes a range of resistance bands and helpful resources (eBooks, an instructional manual and an online workout portal) to get you started.

13. Travel Backpack, $22.94

Perfect for travel, business, everyday use, outdoor activities, there’s enough space in this stylish backpack for all of your essentials. Store your tech in the larger pocket and stash your smaller items away in the mesh compartment. There’s also a zippered pocket, side pouches and a USB port to stay charged!

14. Makeup Brush Organizer, $46.48

Keep your brushes out of that makeup bag! This handy organizer makes sure your brushes stay clean and keep their distance from other bathroom clutter. Plus, the versatile acrylic will work with any decor style or color palette.

15. Wet Brush Detangler, $10.30

What is it about summer that brings on the tangles? This wet brush works to gently comb through post-shower hair and contours to your scalp to help remove excess water.

16. Batiste Brilliant Light & Blonde Dry Shampoo, $9.14

Blondes, this one’s for you! This lightening dry shampoo keeps your hair looking vibrant and healthy and works as a quick way to tide your roots over until your next appointment

17. Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil (Pack Of Two), $15.99

This plant-based alternative contains coconut oil with a rich buttery aroma and flavor, making it an instant hit with popcorn and anything else you plan on sautéing and baking.

If you’re stepping away from your computer screen and into the sun, make sure to take your sun hat! Don’t have one yet? Shop our favorite sun hats of the moment.


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