Studies have proved that decluttering and organizing our home can change lives and I would agree on this

Besides looking tidy and clean, you can also explore the decorative aspects of your apartment when it is decluttered.

Do you need tons of space for home organizing? Well, absolutely not! In fact, exploring DIY ideas for small spaces can work way better and are inexpensive as well.

You can find all sorts of organization accessories at the dollar store and they are unbelievably cheap. They have this wide spectrum of products that can help you achieve the ultimate home organizing and get that tidy look for your home sweet home.

From bathroom to bedroom, here are some organization ideas for small spaces that would bring a spark of joy with fascinating ideas!

21 Dollar Store Organization Ideas For Small Spaces
1. DIY Brush Holders
Via Abowlfulloflemons
We do have a good cabinet under our kitchen sink, the one that covers those pipes and there is also plenty of spare space left. Utilize it efficiently by storing your cleaning supplies like sponge and microfiber cloths.

You can hang those odd-shaped cleaning tools and gloves inside the cabinet. You just have to fix some command hooks and your work is done! It’s such an easy way to organize, isn’t it?

2. Ice Tray Earring Organizer
Via yesterdayontuesday
Storing earrings can be a real challenge, and more than often we lose one piece of a pair and game over. This easy organizing hack would ensure the pairs are intact and yes, they won’t be messing with other pairs as well!

Get some inexpensive ice trays from the dollar store and keep those earrings in separate compartments. It’s so easy and cheap!

3. Plastic Crate Storage
Via Hometalk
We don’t have tons of storage space in the kid’s room, but they do have lots and lots of stuff and eventually, the room is nothing less than a cute mess. You can settle this with some plastic crate boxes from the dollar store.

Buy three or four of them and fix them on the wall side by side. Place light items like toys, puzzles and you can also store books in them, but make sure you don’t overload it!

4. DIY Rope Basket
Via iheartorganizing
The happiness is doubled when you have an easy DIY organization idea that comes with an attractive appearance. This rope basket is so much more than a showpiece and I mean it!

Get a wired basket or whatever fits your size requirement from the dollar store and spray paint it. Take a rope and start working with a hot glue gun. You just have to roll it up and your perfect storage basket is ready!

5. Project Scarf Organizer
Via ftdofsmcp
Save some space in your closet and prevent those scarfs from getting lost amidst your sassy dress collection with this organizing hack. Take a cloth hanger, put some round pins inside it to hold the scarfs and it’s done!

The scarfs won’t get clustered and you don’t have to iron them before use. To balance them evenly, put close pins between them.

6. Bath Toy Organizer
Via theinspiredhome
Just like those plastic crates for toys and books, this one is meant for bath toys that kids enjoy while bathing. They do leave behind a mess with everything scattered here and there.

Get some small plastic baskets from the dollar store and arrange them in the shower rod beside the bathtub. It is easy and doesn’t require any extensive renovation!

7. Clever Kitchen Cabinet
Via Familyhandyman
T-moldings are so efficient when it comes to storage and it can organize kitchen cabinets perfectly. Buy wooden moldings or you can get plastic ones from the dollar store and fix it in your kitchen cabinet. 

Store wine and dessert glasses with this organizing hack and you will save tons of cabinet space. 

8. Guest Bedding Tote
Via Poorlittleitgirl
Okay, home organizing is important but we cannot spend a fortune on it, can we? Using such decor inspirations would be the best way out. 

You would just need a wired linen holder from the dollar store and keep bedding linens in it. You can even spray paint it if you want a different color. The rustic appearance would make the room feel homey but stylish. 

9. Coloring Bucket Bar
Via Homebnc
It is impossible to keep those art supplies in place when your little ones are constantly working on their creativity. Avoid using drawers and closets to store an endless number of crayons and install these DIY ideas. 

Install a curtain rod above a desk or inside a playroom and hang some plastic flower pots from the dollar store. The chaotic area is no more and the supplies are organized. 

10. Wrought Iron Baskets
Via Foter
Bring an outdoor wall planter indoors and convert it into a creative and beautiful fruit basket! It looks so graceful and you don’t have to put in any efforts to install this one. 

The wrought iron piece would save tons of counter space and the fruits would be stored efficiently. I mean, it is always better to have a specific location and not mesh bags! 

11. A Craft Door
Via Iheartorganising
From colorful art papers to tons of crayons and paint, the craft closet is stuffed with so many items, both useful and extras. Let’s make it more organized and DIY an accent wall for all those supplies. 

The wired racks can be bought from dollar stores and they won’t cost you much. Install them in the insides of the cabinet door and it’s done! Keep gift wrapping papers, ribbons, labels, and tapes super tidy. 

12. Wire Shelf for Bathroom
Via Thepleatedpoppy
Wire shelves look pretty cool no matter what we put on display and they can be used for so many things. We already talked about using a similar one as fruit baskets. 

You can use these shelves to store cleaning supplies in the bathroom like towels, tissue rolls, and even soap and shampoo. It would completely transform the bathroom setup! 

13. Linen Closet Caddies
Via Simplyorganised
Organizing bedding sheets and towels can save you tons of space because they are bulky and cleaning them is nothing less than a challenge. Arrange them in these inexpensive closet caddies and your job will be so easy. 

You can keep the unused ones separate and label the caddies to make the searching part easier. The closet looks so perfect and clean! 

14. Shoe Storage Idea
Via Cookielovesmilk
Dedicating a closet for those shoes is not feasible most of the time and they end up in their shoeboxes and get full of dust. These PVC pipes would come handy in such a situation and you don’t have to dig a hole in your pocket as well. 

Cut the pipes to fit those shoes and place them one above another to make a shoe structure. It looks so chic and sassy. 

15. Improvised Broom Closet
Via Ipinimg
Is it possible to make a closet in 3 dollars? It is if you could improvise some DIY ideas that would help in saving space because we know apartments are small. You would just need an over-the-door hook rack and it’s done! 

Hang brooms, dustpans, and other dusting and cleaning tools in this rack and they won’t look clumsy anymore. 

16. Hanging Shoe Storage
Via Hometipsforwomen
Who knew wall moldings would be a blessing when it comes to shoe organizing and saving space? Get these plastic moldings from the dollar store and hang your shoes in them. An ideal place for this organization would be the wall behind the door and it will save lots of space. 

17. Mason Jar Organizer
Via Thediyplaybook
I love mason jars and the idea of using it in home decor and organization intrigues me every time. Buy some mason jars from the dollar store, fix them in a horizontal wood plank, and mount the setup in the bathroom wall. 

Keep essentials like makeup, cotton balls, brushes, and even eyeglasses and have them handy when you are in for a quick shower. 

18. Mesh Shower Caddie
Via Holylandtrade
If your bathroom is small and it lacks enough shelf storage, this mesh caddie would be useful. Hang it right beside the bathtub and store hairbrushes, shampoo bottles, and other essentials. 

You can even keep bath toys in it until the water dripping stops and you don’t have to worry about cleaning the water stains again! 

19. Suction Cup Bottle Holders

Via Dollarstorecrafts
If you want to increase storage space in your bathroom, try out this easy and inexpensive idea of using suction cup hooks as holders. It does sound fascinating, isn’t it? 

Buy some suction cups and hair elastic from the dollar store and that’s it. Install them in your bathroom wall and keep those bottles organized. It’s so easy and looks really good! 

20. Portable Beauty Kit
Via Dollardesigndiva
How about an efficient DIY door hook rack to store all your makeup accessories perfectly within your bedroom space? It is a good idea and is so worth the effort! 

You would need vinyl binders, screws, and zippered pencil pouches for this DIY. You can have them in peanuts from the dollar store and your efficient DIY rack would be ready to rock and roll. 

21. Vintage Locker Bins
Via Aehomestylelife
Want a quick makeover of your office shelves? Get some plastic storage bins from the dollar store and paint them up for a vintage look! 

Put them in your locker or shelves with customized labels so that you can never miss a thing. It looks so organized and you can get it done in less than $5. The appealing look matters the most here, isn’t it? 

These organization hacks are extremely efficient and the required supplies are inexpensive and easily available at your nearest dollar store. Try out favorite ones and I am sure the results would be impressive!  

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